Thursday, August 25, 2005

Summer Series Race 8 Results

Based on the wind data available I predicted the winds to be out of NNE (30 deg true). Actual race winds were blowing SSE approx (170 to 210 deg true). Not sure why there would be such a difference in the wind direction from middle lake. Will need to find some other way of verifying wind direction. Possibly see if I can access the city centre airport to get wind data.

The winds were light and variable off the start. We managed to get the windward advantage (but did start one minute late). The line was at an angle to the wind that made reaching back and forth on the line an impossibility. Staying true to the pre-race strategy we tacked over early (right after crossing the line) and headed for clean air. The right side of the course was the correct side to be on and the starboard was the preferred tack.

On the upwind leg we held managed to catch up with the other J24 who started just ahead of us but to leeward. We maintained our speed and pointing. Most of the fleet stayed on port tack after the start and tried to cross on starboard tack just leeward of the windward mark. A few boats had difficulty as the wind continued to dissipate and were forced to tack to starboard to adjust for the layline. We continued out to be sure we could make the mark. One boat in our fleet tried to sneak in two boat lengths from the mark on a port the hopes they could quickly tack around knowing we would have to give them bouy room. As it turned out the wind dropped and they hit the mark.

We launched the spinnaker and rounded very successfully. The foredeck practiced the new techniques that were demonstrated from the last few races and all seemed to deploy smoothly. Downwind tactic was to stay middle and not get too high. We kept true to this. We were close on the stern of the other J24 in the club and felt good about that. The wind totally stalled the last little bit of the leg and once again we were luffing hopelessly. We kept alert and played every minute hint of wind and tried to keep the spinnaker as full as possible.

We crossed the line after a series of quick short gybes and managed a 4th place (Just behind our competition) This was the last race in the Summer Series. I have no indication of how we faired overall. Will post the results as they are available.

Next up is the Open Regatta. We managed to acquire a spinnaker-on-loan from the competition and they have offered to


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