Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Race Preparation Step 1: Race 8

The race is tomorrow. Starting my preparation a little late, but the weather system has been unchanged for a few days now. The overall weather has been cooler temperatures than we have had recently. Clouds are cumulus overall and quite heavy coverage for most of the days. Winds have been gusty and fairly stong. The Jetstream over the last few weeks has brought cool winds from the north down.

Wunderground predicts the folloiwing for course conditions. So far they have been fairly accurate.

Northeast winds 5 to 15 knots. Waves 1 to 3 feet subsiding to 2 feet or less.

Wednesday Night
Northeast winds 5 to 15 knots diminishing to 10 knots or less. Waves 2 feet or less.

The Weather Network also predicts the same wind direction but the wind speed is less. This might be due to the weather stations being inland. The wind would slow down and swirl more due to inland geographical differences (like buildings, trees, valleys etc.) where as on the open water it can travel clean and unchanged.

Environment Canada Satellite image shows no signficant weather ahead.

I will be working under the assumption of 10 - 15 kntwinds North East.

My first thought is that if the true wind angle is less than 50° then the course will be the race course will be set as 3:2:3:2 otherwise if the true wind favours East the course will be 3:1:3:1.


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