Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Different Strokes for Different Folks

Each time I try and research deck layouts it seems that everyone has a different take on the subject. Our specific layout was modified from the original base layout to (in theory) make it easier to cruise with two people. It is not an optimum deck layout for racing. There are things that need to be changed. Our backstay is definitely too low. It consistently gets caught on the tiller when it is slack. The backstay needs to be shortened which will help remove the obstruction from the tiller.

The major difference between the deck layout of Gray Jay and others is the winch position. Most other J's that I have seen have the winches positioned farther forward than ours. This makes it much simpler for the trimmer. Currently our trimmer needs to be jammed against the traveler to get the winches ahead of him. I have inspected the interior of the companionway and can't see where any holes have been filled, so I am assuming these are a factory mount. I am currently searching for a good deck layout online. Resources are somewhat scarce. Seems everyone has a different take on what is the best deck layout.


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